Code of Conducts

  1. Strictly use of English While con-versing in school campus.
  2. Misbehaviour in the school campus or in the school is punishable offence and may lead even to expulsion from school
  3. Once outside the school campus, the responsibility, fortaking care of one’s belonging rests with the student only.
  4. Smoking, drinking and intake of drugs or possession of any of such things will lead to immediate dismissal of the concerned student.
  5. Act of group fighting or any sort of fight with anyone within the school premises will not be tolerated at all. Necessary action will be taken against the defaulter.
  6. Students should come fully prepared for appearing at the school exami-nations. Cheating, copying or use of any unfair means in the examination shall lead to school authorities to take strict action. 
  7.  Students are required to take care of school property with utmost care. If they destroy any, they will have to compensate by paying fine.

NOTE : Extra charges will be payable for Computer & Science Lab.