ChairmenDear Parents,
Thanks for selecting Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Sansthan, Affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi up to + 2 Level, Affln. No.- 330287, School No.- 50221 as the educational institute for your ward/wards. Education is an instrument to lead better and meaningful life. Through various research projects a great coordination has been found between education and prosperous life. We are always conscious to build up a
progressive school education which helps to get easy access everywhere and becomes the base of successful life.

The school’s concept of quality education is as follows-

  • Where students enjoy learning with a healthy mind and body.
  • A pure and safe academic environment with adequate resources and facility and additional care for girls-students.
  • A useful and relevant Syllabus which helps not only in achieving academic knowledge but also in realising the importance of health, brotherhood and peace.
  • Highly educated and experienced teachers who inspire the students to improve their range of knowledge by using various tools and techniques.
  • Education sets for itself a combination of nationaleducational goal and individual positive role of the students in the Society.

The School strives hard and leaves no stone unturned to achieve the above mentioned targets.With all due regards you are requested to extend your part of co-operation for the smooth functioning of the school.

With Best Wishes,

Hira Kumar Jha